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Annual Meeting -Last Saturday in the month of June at 9AM (Town Municipal Building)

2018:  June 30, 2018

2019: June 29, 2019 (Tentative - confirmed in May)

Annual Boat Parade - 2018: 10AM on July 7th - Meet out by the island like last year

Annual Dues Bills to Be Mailed - May 15th - Due by July 1st

Annual Association Cookout -

2018:  Due to Weather Forcast Rescheduled to: Sunday August 5th @ 12 Noon -   
Contact Jerry at 603-391-8055 if you are planning to attend so we can get a headcount
Hot dogs and hamburgers provided by Association - please bring a dish appetizer, salad, desert

Message from the Assocation President RE:  Sign Board:

We are in the process of updating the name sign board at the corner of Butler & Pinkham Pllease do NOT take down names, put up your own boards or change the board.  If you have any updates that you would like made, you can email Jerry directly at

Link to Association ByLaws - Click Here

Don't forget your dues!
Association Treasurer Erin McLendon reminds all members that dues for this year are now being collected. The organization's by-laws provide for late fees to be collected. "Any member whose dues have not been paid by July 15th shall be assessed a late fee of $15.00. An additional late fee of $40.00 shall be assessed at the end of each quarter (that is September 30, December 31, March 31, June 30...) that the dues remain unpaid." Save yourself the hassle and expense. Please make checks payable to Hampshire Shores Association and mail to: Hampshire Shores Association, PO Box 85, Union NH 03887.

Note: All officers and directors are volunteers; all of their work and that of other volunteers is unpaid. Membership in the Association is NOT voluntary, however. Your deed makes you a member, with all of the rights and responsibilities, including paying your dues. Members who do not pay their dues are subject to legal action.

So you want to have a campfire?
Campfires on the beach have always been a part of lakeside living. Toasting marshmallows, burning marshmallows, and dropping marshmallows in the fire plus continuously moving to keep out of the smoke just adds to the fun. But, like most things that are fun there also are responsibilities and rules. Campfires require an annual fire permit issued by the Division of Forests and Lands via the Middleton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.
Camp and cooking fires are controlled fires (Category II), no greater than 4 feet in diameter contained in a ring of noncombustible material or a portable fireplace. In Middleton, a category II fire only can be kindled between the hours of 5:00 PM and Midnight, conditions permitting (not during unfavorable weather conditions or when a fire hazard is posted.) There is no need to call for permission to burn a category II fire when you have a fire permit.

Click on the Town link for updated information to obtain a permit: Fire Permit Information


Important information about lake beaches, Cyanobacteria and what to watch for in lakes

NH Beach Inspection Program Information

What a Cyanobloom may look like


Facts about the lake milfoil treatment
Answers to some frequently asked questions about the treatment include:

No swimming for 24 hours after treatment within 200 feet of treated areas.
Don't use the treated water for irrigation or watering plants for 30 days.
Lake water within 1,200 feet of the treated area shouldn't be used for cooking or drinking until tests indicate its safety.
Treatment will not be applied within 50 feet of wells so there should be no restrictions on well use.

Link to Common Look-alike Guide through NH Department of Environmental Services

Link to Weed Watch Program Information at the NH Department of Environmental Services



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